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November 2015
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phaedrekathleen [userpic]
Hitchhiker scarves

I've made two scarves, so far, with this particular pattern, which was created by designer Martina Behm.  The pattern has 42 "teeth" which is why she named it "Hitchhiker" (of course).

The first one is made of superwash merino/silk hand-dyed by a lovely lady in West Cork, Ireland, named Jo Kerrigan.  My daughter got the yarn for me as a gift.

       I love how light and delicate it is--very nice drape, I think.

The other, is also from hand-dyed yarn that my daughter got for me--except this she had to spin for me before she gave it to me.  The "colorway" is named "Dragon Scale" by its dyer, the owner of Greenwood Fiberworks.  It's a bit thicker yarn, but I love the way the colors changed as I knit the scarf:


Looks like dragon fire, doesn't it?


That top one especially is so lovely and delicate and elegant!

Thank you. I was able to let the yarn dyer (Jo) know about it, and she liked what I'd done with her yarn, too.

You know, I really appreciate your comments. I know plenty of people see what I post, but it's fun to hear from you when you do see my posts. I apologize for not being as diligent about your posts.

I love both scarves. The colors are fabulous. I'm going to Ireland in June. I can't wait. I also really like the pattern. It drapes so attractively.


Where do you plan to go in Ireland? I'm so jealous! Daughter and I would love to go to Ireland. She spun the yarn for the dragon scarf, and she bought the other yarn for me, too.

Wow. That's beautiful work. It makes my eyes feel good!!

hitchhiker scarves

Thank you, reziac. You're very kind.