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November 2015
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phaedrekathleen [userpic]
Trying again to post more often

How about if I share some photos of the things I knitted this past year?

I "frogged" (unravelled--called that because you "rip it, rip it, rip it") two sweaters part way because I didn't like the way they looked when I had finished them. 

One is dark green and has a bunch of cables     

 and the other is purple solid at the yoke and then varigated.

Trying to get these photos uploaded is way more trouble than it's worth.


There is a photo upload thingie at the top of the upload menu. ('d love to see the projects!)

uploading photos

When I created my journal entry, I selected the image option (or whatever it's called), and instead of putting in a URL for a photo--the first choice--I tried to upload a photo file from my computer.

I browsed and found the photo, and opened it, and then hit the "upload" button, and nothing happened. So I hit the ok button and it reverted to the URL option and said I hadn't provided a URL. Darn tooting, I hadn't.

I tried the same thing a couple more times with the same results and then said to heck with it.

If I'm supposed to use some other method, I need more details, please.

Re: uploading photos

Usually that works for me . . . I am so very bad at tech. But I think there is a help page at the LJ site for uploading photos.

Re: uploading photos

Well, I managed something, anyway.

The green one has a photo from quite a while ago--before I "froggec" it.

I like it much better now.

Anyway, I'll try to post more photos when I have a little mroe time and energy.

Re: uploading photos

I really, really LOVE that greenish-blue one.