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November 2015
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phaedrekathleen [userpic]
Scarf in a Scarf

There is a kit that you can buy that includes four 100-yard skeins of hand-dyed wool-silk blend yarn and a silk scarf dyed with the same colors.  The idea is to knit a scarf out of the yarn in such a way that you can thread the silk scarf through the knitted scarf (and there are several ways it can be threaded).

I made a purple one for my mother for Mother's Day:

And I bought a brown and teal dyed kit to make one for me.  I started that one, but my knitting got tighter as I knit, for some reason, and the scarf began to get too narrow.  I decided to "frog" it (rip-it, rip-it, rip-it) and will try using the yarn for something else.

I did make another scarf in a scarf, however, when I found a scarf in colors that my daughter loves (yellows), and then got some yarn to go with it.

I also made what is called a mohair bias loop (which is joined in such a way that you can't find the beginning or ending) and it was fun to learn how to make.



These are soooo pretty!

thank you

I consider my knitting to be a creativity adventure, and I like to try new things. I also like to try the same pattern with different yarns, and even, occasionally, with some variation in the pattern.

I like to see if I can make a pattern work with my own little tweaks, and it's always nice when they turn out pretty as well.